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3 Nasty fights in Cricket

Cricket is known to be a gentlemen’s game and terms such as ‘spirit of the game’ are often used in this sport. But it is played by humans, which means that there is obviously room for error. But sometimes, the error level reaches so high that sometimes the umpires need to step in to control some ‘crossing the line’ fights. Here is a list of 3 fights which actually shook the world of cricket.

Dennis Lillee vs Javed Miandad, 1981

After reading the names on the top it may seem surprising that people who are considered legends of the sport at least in their respective countries are there on this list right? But, even the best lose their cool when things do not go their way or someone simply gets on their head. This latter got to both these players.

Miandad was completing a run when Lillee knowingly, it seemed, walked in the path of Miandad and put his leg in the front.

Miandad, who was livid at the start, hid behind the umpire when Lillee kicked him near his thighs and following this Miandad threatened to hit Lillee with his bat! But, the umpire walked in the way and stopped the fight.

Harbhajan Singh vs Andrew Symonds, 2008

This scandal is still very fresh in the minds of true Indian and Australian cricket fans. Often referred to as the ‘MonkeyGate’ scandal, this started off when Brett Lee bowled a peach of a delivery which Bhajji nicked and the ball ran away for four.

Between the time span of this over and the next over Bhajji went to Brett Lee and said while giving a gentle touch with the bat, “Hard luck.” Andrew Symonds raced to Bhajji and said, “We do not need it, do it to your teammates.”

Sachin Tendulkar tried to calm things down but the Aussies thought Bhajji had said ‘monkey.’ Mathew Hayden, Michael Clarke and Ricky Ponting all interfered and while Hayden and Ponting were witnesses, Clarke went to the umpire and complained of Bhajji’s behavior. This was later sorted out and the allegations on Harbhajan were not proven as there was not enough evidence

Kieron Pollard vs Mitchell Starc, 2014

Well, this one is not from an international match but from an IPL match between Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore, this incident had become viral over the course of time.

Starc bowled a bouncer to Pollard, after Starc’s bouncer, he had said something to Pollard and, Pollard tried to ignore by signaling to go away.

After that, Starc started his run-up for the next delivery and Pollard gestured not ready by moving away, but Starc followed him by bowling the ball instead of waiting, this made pollard angry and he held the bat back on purpose.

If you have any other instance that you think should have made it to the list please share it with us in comments section.

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