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5 History based Movies – Must watch

We all love watching movies don’t we? And especially if you are going with kids, we want to take them for something very meaningful, something that will actually help them in life. Except no brainers of course. So here are 5 History based movies that helped children learn something new about the history of India

The Ghazi Attack:

The Ghazi Attack – Poster

This movie got a lot attention as it gave a hell of information about Indian wars after the independence. And that too it doesn’t tell us about wars fought on land but on water.

The legend of Bhagat Singh:

The Legend of Bhagat Singh – Poster

A Braveheart and a People’s Hero, sacrificed his life at the age of 23 for the Independence of the country. The Hero who invoked a flame of Inquilab in thousands of Hearts then It would be nice for the children to learn more about their fight for independence.


Padmaavat – Poster

Surrounded with a lot of controversy around its name forced this movie to lose an ‘I’ from its original name. This movie tells a lot about the bravery of Queen Padmavati and also shows her fearless attitude in the film as well.


Gandhi – Poster

The father of the nation as he is known. What not has he done for our nation. His peaceful ways proved successful in us getting independence. This movie is a must watch for all kids who know less about the struggle for independence.

Mangal Pandey: The Rising

Mangal Pandey – Poster

Mangal Pandey was the person that started the revolt of 1857 with a Sepoy mutiny. This was the first fight for independence and this movie should really set the tone for you if you are watching the independence movies in order.

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Well those were our picks, most of them were from the fights of independence obviously because most history movies in India talk about fights and struggles for independence.

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