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6 best ways to take Revenge on your EX

Have been a victim of cheating/betraying and thus broken up from a relationship or marriage ? Is it that you are getting restless to take revenge on your EX ? You wanna slap him/her right away? Stop, don’t do it. In these kind of cases Direct Attacks don’t work, they will only trouble you and increase your stress levels and all the more it is like giving importance to that other person (EX) .  The best revenge is to make them realize your importance in their life which is only possible by totally staying away from them.

Follow these tips and that’s gonna be a beautiful revenge.

  1. Stay Calm:

Don’t get involved in mud slinging and blame game, this will not solve your purpose. Just keep calm and poised and do not react to anything, no matter what. This will make him/her restless.

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  1. Pamper Yourself

Make your self fit, all the more beautiful/handsome, learn some courses , join some classes do whatever you love doing which you couldn’t do. This will boost up your self confidence and morale. More the confidence and smile on your face, more the mirch on your ex.

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  1. Be successful

Your Success makes the other person want you more. He/ she will find out ways to come back to your or atleast speak to you. They will know what they have lost in their life. Its your call kick them out or keep them 😉

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  1. Get in touch with your old & common friends

Be in touch with your friends, if they are common friends.  Just because someone aint there in your life doesn’t mean you stop talking to your friends.

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  1. Socialize more

Networking is the key to any kind of stress relief. The more number of people you interact with , the more confidence you will have.

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  1. Travel a lot

Treat yourself with trips that will soothe your adrenaline and also gives you mental peace. Hill Stations/ Trekking/ Love Spots visit everything.. Nothing should stop you.

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Love your self, Respect yourself and that will create a dent where it has to 😉

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