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6 Reasons why Street Food is the Best

Street food has always been a controversial topic in terms of health and hygiene. Inspite of all the hullabaloo around health by Health and fitness experts still, we cannot resist street food which is evident by the crowd around these vendors.

Here are some of the reasons as to why you just cannot say NO to street food.

  • Authentic Local Taste:

Street Food has that regional flavor intact with the needed amount of spices which somehow gets diluted when you have food in big and expensive restaurants.

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  • Economical Pricing :

It is very light on your pockets and hence very attractive.

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  • Less Turn around time :

Time taken to prepare the food is very less and hence you can enjoy your food soon.

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  • Friendly Vendor/Attendants:

The warmth of the chef/vendor makes you have more. They are open to any number of customization’s and they will make it a point to make the stuff ordered by you delicious.

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  • Be Comfortable:

Have your food in your vehicle, Dress the way you want to and be in clothes you are comfortable with. You can go out with your night pajamas and have a ball too.

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The sixth one is we just LOVE it. Now, you just cannot beat this.

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