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6 things that Men are always ready to do

Men are open book  and all those women wondering as to how read a man , here are some quick tips to know them. Most of the men are this simple, give them their space for the ones mentioned below and they are all yours.

Lets have a look at six things that men are always ready to do irrespective of place & time.

  1. Boozing / Drinking:

    Image Source - http://cdn5.bigcommerce.com/
    Image Source – http://cdn5.bigcommerce.com/

Dukh hai – Chal Daaru peete hai, Khush hai Bhai, Daaru Peete hai, Pareshan hai – Bhai Daaru Peete hai, Bhai top kiya – Bhai daaru peete hai. Boozing gives them that Kick.

      2. Going on a Long Drive:

Image Source - https://66.media.tumblr.com
Image Source – https://66.media.tumblr.com

Accompany him for a long drive and see the crazy side in him. He loves driving on highways minus the traffic to drive crazily fast which gives him the feel of Micheal Schumacher.

      3. Watch the TV with Remote in their Hand:

Image Source - https://67.media.tumblr.com
Image Source – https://67.media.tumblr.com

Give him the TV remote and forget it, coz he would keep browsing through the channels quite often. Every Man wants his own time & this time is the TV time.

      4. Sleeping / Lazing:

Image Source - http://layzeebee.com/
Image Source – http://layzeebee.com/

This is my favorite part too. Sleeping and lazing around on leisure days uninterruptedly  is a lovely feeling that they would want to experience again and again rather than being asked to do the household chores or other task. Ask them what they want and they would say Sleep, Sleep & Sleep

           5. Buying any Gadget:

Image Source - http://s670.photobucket.com/
Image Source – http://s670.photobucket.com/

Guys are gadget freaks. Upgrading to a new mobile or getting a new device which is newly launched in the market is always like a ritual for men. The new device immediately becomes their first love and if its expensive then it remains being their love for quite some time.

           5. Making Love

Image Source – https://media.giphy.com

Yes this is the one you had been waiting to read. Men are very sexual & are proud of that fact. The very thought of making love gives them a high and usually the intention behind most of the gestures that they do is make love.

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