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8 Types of Namunas Found in Every Circle

We all have azeebo gareeb namunas in our family/Gang who always keeps us going. Smiles, Fights, Laughter, Energy is all becoz of these sweet irritating people around us. Our team have listed down few of these qualities of people from our circle. Are you able to relate any one of these?

1. Angrez

8 types of Namunas found in almost every circle/ gang/family 
Image Source – http://topyaps.com


There is this one person in your circle who thinks that angrezipana is the most in thing in the market. Angrezi bolenge toh respect milegi is their mentality.. They also talk in US English accent, listens only to English songs and watches only English movies. They feel that watching regional or Indian movies is so LS ( Low standard). Toh bandhu yeh baat toh aap bhi jaante hai ki aap kuch bhi kar lo maja toh sirf Hindustani hone mai hai.. Guys don’t hate them, just pity them for not being able to be themselves.

2. Chatter Box:  

8 types of Namunas found in almost every circle/ gang/family 
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This chatter box has nothing to do what is happening in your life. The conversation is usually a one sided one. The biggest punishment you can give them is to shut up their mouth for some time…who hota hai na maun vrat

Ask them to perform moun vrat for an hour and then see the valcono that would erupt post that.

3. Question Bank: 

8 types of Namunas found in almost every circle/ gang/family 
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This guy/girl always has doubts about everything . Take them to a movie, a restaurant, a temple, a funeral, party and for that matter even if you encounter an accident where he/she were part of it too.. Really????

They will end up asking you endless questions.

4. I know Everything

8 types of Namunas found in almost every circle/ gang/family 
Image Source http://blogs.coventry.ac.uk

This person is jack of all. His favorite hobby is to be the superhero amongst the people is with. He knows everything and mind you if he doesn’t know he will ensure he learns that ( it doesn’t matter to him the extra time consumed and the losses that you will have to bear) and becomes a hero sabki nazaro main.

Hamare superhero kabhi kisiko “No” nahi bol sakte coz he “Knows” everything.

5. Secret Superstar: 

8 types of Namunas found in almost every circle/ gang/family 
Image Source – https://media.giphy.com

He/She tries accomplishing the tasks in secret so that the end result always comes as a surprise to the entire clan.

Is chakkar main khud ke saath saath duniya bhi duba dete hai yeh log.

6. Workholic

8 types of Namunas found in almost every circle/ gang/family 
Image Source – https://media.tenor.com


Everything is a task for these guys.. Going to a movie, holiday, spending time with your loved ones, Going to a Salon, going to office, attending client meetings everything falls under one category “Tasks to be completed” .

Smart fellow right? No, this fellow is gonna be lonely in the near furture

7. Bechara/i: 

8 types of Namunas found in almost every circle/ gang/family 
Image Source – https://admin.mashable.com


This is our dukhiyaari aatma who always has some issue or the other with either himself or with the circumstances (Haalaat).  They always tell in filmi style “ mere saath hi kyu, kya paap kiya tha maine” .  Always keep a jug besides them so that you can collect water while they cry.

After all Boond Boond Sagar Bane…

8. Health/Fitness/Beauty Conscious:  

8 types of Namunas found in almost every circle/ gang/family 
Image Source – https://media-cdn.list.ly

This person is quite conscious about the extra calories that they gain or the way they look. Being fit is their supreme goal. They will skip all the delightful food to remain fit and healthy. Their ultimate goal is to stay young forever. Staying fit and remaining young forever is good but understand one thing “ zindagi na milegi dobara”.. don’t die every minute..

Indulging in sinful food once in a while is ok. Chalta hai.

If we have missed any, please do notify us on the comments below or write us on editor@pakaugiri.com

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