About us

Life is short and we at Pakaugiri ensure that it has to be sweet.

We are a crazy team who gets bored everyday doing the same monotonous job. We usually pakaufy each other to pass away our time. But when we thought how about others like us ?? That’s when Pakaugiri came into existence.

Pakaugiri is an initiative to resonate with all those who gets bored just like we do.  We just share what we find funny ( It can be a cartoon too), what’s happening in other’s life ( No we don’t Gossip), Sports ( Cricket will steal the show as we are Indians, though we follow other sports too), Movies (We handpick them as per our mood and choice),  Reviews( They are our views, we don’t follow others), News ( It should catch our interest you know).

Pakaugiri is meant to destress and relieve our mind from the burden of responsibilities. Take a break from your daily woes with our virtual kit kat 🙂

There is a selfish motive behind creating this page and that is to live a little longer 😀 We are all here to support each other by sharing moments, funny jokes, laugh … so lets pakau everyone 😉

If you feel we are deep frying you with our stories, please bear with us kyu ki pakana zaroori hai 😀