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Which is better Assembled PC or a Branded one

Branded Computer or an Assembled one is the first question that pops on our mind whenever we think of buying a computer. We call hell lot of people in our circle, visit computer stores to gather information about the computer, warranty, service center, price and its configuration.

With a lot of options available in the market it becomes a little difficult to make the right choice especially if it is your first buy. Relatives say go for an Assembled one as it is cost effective, where as friends asks you to go for a branded one as they are more trustworthy. Damn it , you do not even know what is an Assembled PC & a Branded PC.

So, Lets find out,

What is an Assembled PC?

Assembled PC is made by assembling together  the different parts  of computer from different companies to make a computer suiting your needs.  These kind of PCs are custom made as per the requirement you give. Each part has an individual warranty over here. The point here is you should very know as to what you want 🙂

Image Source - http://thewindowsclub.thewindowsclubco.netdna-cdn.com/
Image Source – http://thewindowsclub.thewindowsclubco.netdna-cdn.com/

Assembled PC gives you complete freedom of selecting what you want (completely customized) &  also removing what you don’t want.

Eg: You want a 17 inch monitor, with 8 GB Ram and 1 TB hard disk and also a Graphic card… or whatever might be your requirement you get that.

What is a Branded PC ?

Image Source - http://dataforge.us/
Image Source – http://dataforge.us/

Branded PC’s are those where a company offers you a complete computer with pre-defined specification. You have a no say here. They release models based upon the configuration , you select the one close to your needs. So precisely they are a complete package wherein you don’t have the hassles of knowing the hardware aspect of systems. The entire PC comes with a warranty and you have authorised service centers for the same.

Eg: If a Branded PC comes in two variants say the first one is a 4 GB Ram & 500 GB Hard Disk and the second one is a 8 GB ram & 1 TB hard disk. So, you choose one among the two variants specified which is close to your requirement. No other changes possible.


If you have a requirement of 8 GB Ram with 500 GB Hard Disk, and in the branded one the options available are the ones mentioned above ( Check in Examples of Branded PC) then you will have either have to compromise on RAM or go for a Bigger Hard Disk whereas in Assembled PC you can go for a bigger hard disk, with Required ram of required company & discard a DVD Writer if you don’t need it.

Price: Branded ones are priced on the higher side as all the components are from the same brand. In Assembled one, the components from different companies are chosen depending upon the pricing, hence the pricing comes down. However, you should have more knowledge on the components while going for assembled ones.

Which one to go for ?

This is purely your choice.

Assembled Pcs are both Pocket friendly & custom made ,but for first timers and for those who have no knowledge on the hardware and configuration assembled one’s are a big NO. There is a chance that you might get cheated as there are lot of sub-standard products available in the market which may affect the performance of the system. So, If you don’t have the right technical knowledge of what we are looking for then its always better we go for a Branded one.

Hope this clarifies your confusion on which system to buy.

Thanks for Reading the article, hope you found it helpful.

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