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Cool Gadgets, Uncool People!!!

There is a lot happening out there on the name of development and we are not complaining, we are quite happy of the fact that life has become more convenient than ever before. Technology is developing big-time and with that the convenience & connectivity factor too has increased. Flying drones, smartphones, robots, laptops, mini laptops & what not. But is this not making less of human ?

Image Source - https://media.licdn.com
Image Source – https://media.licdn.com

Previously we used to have one landline phone for all in the house. When we used to call that number we used to stay together so that we all could speak turn by turn. Then came Mobiles which had proved to be a great innovation, better security, increased communication. Now you can communicate with anyone anytime and anywhere.  Definitely the security aspect has grown many folds, connectivity is not a barrier anymore no matter which part of the world you are , but is technology not being misused ? In the quest to reach out to more people, are we not involved in the virtual world a lot more than the real world?

Are we not longing for more space and freedom which is just limited to ourselves ?

Convenience is given to us to save time and have loads of free time for our personal life and work life balance. But are we making the right use of it ? Studies prove that technology has been the major reason for Divorces, Heart breaks, Suicides, Depressions .. Are we using it wisely?

Image Source - https://media.licdn.com
Image Source – https://media.licdn.com

People are becoming disrespectful because of excessive involvement in the other world, as per the observation  in a survey. The signals with which you are all the time makes your brain cells incapable of thinking and receiving above the virtual world & at that moment when someone wants to speak to you you find it difficult to respond back. This leads to irritation & that’s the reason most of the people nowadays get easily pissed off over petty things.

This is what our children learn in turn from us by pure observation.

The topping is the international schools which encourages them to do a lot of research over the internet.  This results in spending most of their time on Gadgets, playing virtual games, living in virtual world becoming a virtual person.

Its we who are pushing them into this darkness & then we blame the entire generation for being rude.

Image Source – http://pad1.whstatic.com/

Apart from this the health of people is also taking a toll because of excessive usage of gadgets.

We feel its high time we break all the barriers & start spending some quality time with Real World, real people, play real games even if its hide and seek. Start reading real books.  Think about our families and spend quality time with them. Go out feel the nature, practice sports or any other outdoor activities.

Can we just use technology only to the extent it is needed and not over use it?

Lets bid a good bye to virtual world. Start Afresh.


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