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Dealing with Teenage Tantrums – A Guide for Parents

Dealing with a teenagers is no easy job and the sooner we admit the better it is for the parents.Parents who have teenage kids must definitely be able to relate with what we are saying here…

Teenagers are neither adults nor kids and the worse part it is they consider themselves to be adults and behave as if they know it all.  You can’t deny the fact that the teenagers are smart & just need to be directed correctly & as this is a tender age for them disciplining them without turning your relationship sore is the most challenging part. But then as a parent you got to get this.

Here is what you can do to reduce these untimely mood swings and tantrums.

Be a friend – Open channels of communication

A teenager thinks they are fully grown adults and are in no mood to listen to someone who preaches them. Having said that, let me tell you that they love their friends and do listen them. Now, this is possible because they share the same wavelengths and talk on common topics. So, as a parent make it a point you and your teenager share something in common like playing a sport, exercising together, watching movies/ series of similar interest, Reading, Cooking etc.. This will open more channels of communication and will give you a ground to become their friend.

Set some ground rules – Make them responsible

No matter what, as parent it is important that the ground rules are set and you do not compromise upon them. Certain house rules should be set and make sure as a parent you follow them first before pointing out a finger at them. You can also have turns for buying groceries and veggies this will instil responsibility in them.

Involve them in your daily life

Talk about your work, your colleagues, your friends etc to them without expecting any empathy in return. Understand that they might not react now but they are listening to you, so keep going. Remember that communication is always two ways.

Encourage the right attitude

When they do something good however trivial it might be, make it a point you encourage them. Small encouragement like this will help them climb towards bigger achievements. The way you deal with them today defines how they are going to deal with their lives tomorrow.

Teenagers are very delicate, handle them with care and at the same time instill the right values in them without preaching for a bright future. You win as a parent, if you can nurture the right qualities in them at this stage of their life. 

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