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Delete for everyone feature in Whatsapp is cool!!!

Whatsapp is very well known for its innovative features which it is releasing year after year…

Sometime back it had been in buzz because of its feature of Blue ticks which confirmed the User who had sent a message whether the message has been read or not. It had lead to a lot of chaos in the lives of those people who were lazy enough to text back and would make an excuse of not having read the message.

This time Whatsapp had been successful again in grabbing the eyeballs with its new feature “Delete for Everyone”. Using this feature you can delete the message which you had sent to someone by mistake. For ex. you intended to send a text to Preeti but by mistake sent it to Pooja, that mistake can be reversed now.

Watch the video below to know how:

But this cool feature also has some limitations:

  1. The update is still going on so it might not be available to all users.
  2. You can only delete a message within 7 minutes of sending it, after that you cannot delete the message
  3. There is also quite a possibility that person may have actually read the message before you have deleted it.

We still feel the feature is cool and is quite handy for a lot people making mistakes and wanting to erase the same.

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