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Did you know about the World Password Day

Its a day which most of us in India must not be knowing (Unless you were awake late night on facebook and saw it posted by someone) but yes guys it is indeed a Worlds Password day today. Every First Thursday of May month is observed as a World Password Day.

This was created by Intel to address the Critical need of a solid Password.


What should you do this World Password Day. First of all, lets start with thanking the person who invented password back in 1960’s Mr.Fernando Corbato. He is a great guy & trust me guys he had been a life savior for all of us at many a times, when we wanted to hide something……from someone…

The other day someone was saying the only person trustworthy in today’s era is the one without a Password on his Mobile phone, otherwise we all treat our passwords as we have defense secrets stored in our Devices.

Well, coming back to the celebrations part, its not possible that we cut a cake for password or do any Pomp shows, so we can celebrate it by Changing our Passwords, Strange right but yes by changing Passwords. We generally change our passwords when we have a doubt that someone knows it or for security purposes but today as a celebration of Worlds Password Day we would change the password, even if it was changed yesterday, we would Just Change It.

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