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Different types of Driving Licence in India

The dream of every person entering teenage or lets say the one who has learned to drive a Motor vehicle is to grow up as fast as they can and own a Driving License. The main reason for this is to avoid fines as

The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 states that no individual without the Driving licence is authorized to drive a motor vehicle in a public place.

There are four different types of Licence’s in India Temporary/Learners, Permanent, Commercial Licence & International Driving Permit. Lets learn about them more.

Learners Licence

The minimum age to Obtain a Learners Licence for a private motor vehicle for a vehicle of 50 CC engine capacity and without any gear, is 16 years (if the applicant’s parents or guardians give their consent) from the Regional Transport Authority or commonly known as RTA. The validity of this licence is 6 Months. You cannot obtain a permanent licence until you are 18 years old.

Permanent Licence

Sample Licence of Kerala State

Once you are 18 years old and post 30 days & before 180 Days (6 Months) of issuance of Learners Licence you are eligible to obtain a Permanent Licence. You can apply for the same through online or by reaching out to your nearest Regional Transport office (RTO) & submitting the required documents & also taking a Driving test which is mandatory to clear. Generally the Permanent licence is valid for 20 years or till the age of 50 years.

Commercial Driving Licence (CDL)

This licence is meant for vehicles generally used for transportation of Goods or People on highways or public areas. A person has to be minimum 18 years or 22 years in some states (depending on the State Regulations) to obtain the same. Like Permanent licence for CDL also you need to have a valid Learners Permit. Minimum qualification for this licence is 8th Standard pass. One more not to miss criteria is that people applying for CDL will need to be trained from a Government Motor School or one that is affiliated to the State Government.

Please find below the different kind of Commercial Vehicles:

MGV  For medium goods vehicle  
LMV  Light motor vehicles including motorcars, jeeps, taxis, delivery vans  
HMV  Heavy Motor Vehicles  
HGMV  Heavy Goods Motor Vehicle  
HPMV/HTV  Heavy passenger motor vehicle/Heavy transport vehicle  
LMV – NT  Light motor vehicles used for non-transport purpose  
Trailer  Person holding heavy vehicle driving licence can apply for heavy trailer license

International Driving Licence

This type of licence helps you rive vehicle in Foreign lands. The person seeking for an International Driving Licence (IDL) should be holding a Permanent DL. IDL is issued only for a period of 1 year post which it is supposed to be either renewed or the person is supposed to apply for the same in the residing country. In addition to the regular documents a Valid Passport and a valid Visa is supposed to be submitted while applying for IDL. The RTO officer can ask for the country and confirmed return tickets from the country of the visit.

Any kind of licence can be applied online in India using the Sarathi Website. This is the website of Ministry of Road transport & highways.For more such information please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Youtube

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