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One Ultimate Disaster of Every Telugu Stars Career

When you are a STAR you are prone to win & also Loose at times. We are going to present you One Ultimate Disaster of Every Telugu Stars Career.

Let us see which were the movies which were not able to convince the audience.


‘Toofan’ movie which was a remake of Amitabh Bachchan Ji’s Zanjeer was one of the worst movies in Ram Charan’s whole career. The movie was released in 2013 & had Priyanka Chopra from bollywood as the lead actress.

Disaster of Every Telugu Stars Career


‘Bhai’ was the film where Nagarjuna Garu himself said that he knew this movie would flop when he was in the middle of Shooting (As said by him in an interview) He also added he just completed the schedule as he didn’t wanted the producer to loose his money. This movie was released in 2013 as well, which didn’t go well with the audience.

Disaster of Every Telugu Stars Career


One of the big controversies of 2011 because of the name ‘Bejawada Rowdies’, which was then changed to Bejawada. The movie was about the rowdyism happening in Vijayawada. But neither the controversy nor the script could support the movie to Hit. One of the Black Spots in Naga Chaitanya’s career.

Disaster of Every Telugu Stars Career

Na Istam

This was a experiment from Rana’s end at that time in 2012. Wherein he had been doing story oriented movies previously, this was his first commercial movie of that time. The movie had a good star cast but that couldn’t save the movie either

Disaster of Every Telugu Stars Career


Sai Dharam Tej is known to be a very talented actor. In his total career his movie ‘Rey’ is the biggest flop. YVS Chowdhary had two flops previously before this movie then too he wanted to risk & made this movie with Sai Dharam Tej. This movie was supposed to be the debut movie of Sai Dharam Tej. but due to financial problems the movie had to be stopped & eventually got released as Sai’s Second movie in 2015. Despite of all these efforts the movie couldn’t taste success.

Disaster of Every Telugu Stars Career


Akhil Debut movie of Akhil Akkineni, One of the huge collectors on the release day of the movie amongst the debut actors. This was much anticipated movie of 2015 in tollywood. Salman Khan had released the trailer & Mahesh babu was the chief guest of the audio function, Director of the movie was V.Vinayak. Having so many biggies in the back the movie couldn’t create the magic that was expected.

Disaster of Every Telugu Stars Career


The Baahubali star Prabhas also known as the Rebel Star has a flop in his career named as Rebel. The movie created a lot of hype before release due to the trailer, but lack of proper story & screenplay led to the fall. Even the acting of Prabhas couldn’t save the movie. The movie was released in 2012.

Disaster of Every Telugu Stars Career


A proper commercial movie from Victory Venkatesh which was not so Victorious. Venkatesh tried to have a different look for this movie which didn’t go that well with the critics & audience. He had a lot of remarks for the same. The movie lacked almost every element including the music. Released in 2013. Meher Ramesh, the director of this movie received a lot of criticism for this movie.

Disaster of Every Telugu Stars Career


Again a presentation of Meher Ramesh which was released before Shadow but was a flop. This movie was also one of the high budget movie then in the industry. This was a Socio-Fantasy movie. They tried to include a lot of locations and to give a different kind of Villain to the industry including Pooja Bedi, Jackie Shroff, but nothing actually helped & the movie was criticized a lot. The movie released in 2011.

Disaster of Every Telugu Stars Career

Shankar Dada Zindabad

Shankar Dada Zindabad, remake of Lage raho Munna Bhai wih a story line of Gandhigiri. This was also the last movie of Chiranjeevi as a hero before he took a sabbatical from movies. After this movie he joined Politics & the he made a comeback in 2017 with his film Khaidi Number 150. Chiranjeevi was very well known for his fights in the industry, but his character in this movie was a contrast of Chiranjeevi’s actual style & its known to be the main cause of the movie flopping. The movie released in 2007. The recent movie in which he was seen was Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy.

Disaster of Every Telugu Stars Career


Varudu, directed by Guna Shekhar was a extreme blunder created. This was the only movie which introduced Arya (the tamil star) as a villain. To create a hype & as a publicity stunt the name of the heroine was not revealed at all & audience were supposed to watch the heroine in the theaters directly. Nothing actually could save the movie. This movie released in 2010. However the plot of the movie is very appealing and it was able to hold up the audience in the first half, it took a downhill in the second half.



Aagadu movie held the record of the worst movie in Mahesh babu’s career which was broken by this movie. After Srimanthudu people had a lot of expectation from this movie. The release day of the movie itself ruined Brahmotsavam’s business when a talk of the movie being compared to ‘MogaliRekulu’ a popular telugu serial was out. The movie released in 2016.

Tollywood Disasters


Mass Maharaj Raviteja’s career was on a downfall when this movie released. The movie had the elements of sentiments but were very routine to watch & a overdose for the audience. People had to carry Jhandu balm with them after this movie. The movie released in 2012.


Sardar Gabbarsingh

We had tough time deciding which movie of Pawan Kalyan was a bigger flop, Johny or Sardaar Gabbar Singh but eventually we had to pick Sardaar gabbar singh as the movie had very outdated content. Johny movie had atleast good fights & martial art sequences which are worth a watch. SardaarGabbar Singh was the only movie which inspite of being a Flop earned more than Rs.50 Crores & still couldn’t cover the loses. The movie released in 2016.

Tollywood Disasters

If you feel we have missed out on any of the movies or if you feel any of the above stars listed movie is to be replaced with any other movie of their career do let us know in the comment box. Until then stay connected.

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