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Respect the Gems of Indian Badminton Saina Nehwal & PV Sindhu

Few days back a journalist had tweeted slamming the athletes for taking selfies and not focusing on their games.. and then today when the entire country is celebrating Sakshi Malik & PV Sindhu‘s achievement we get to see one moron tweeting to Saina Nehwal to pack her bags as we have found a replacement in the form of Sindhu. Really ? It was not just him I have overheard many talking on a similar note.. Pathetic..

During a time when Badminton was not that great sport in India amongst the girls, the popularity of this girl “Saina Nehwal” backed by her super efficient coach Pullela Gopichand had made badminton a professional choice for many aspiring kids. Saina Nehwal has inspired many including PV Sindhu to take up Badminton as a profession. She had given hopes to millions of girls to live their dreams and go for the game. She has won laurels for the country, more than 20 international titles , reached World No.1 in ranking inspite of all the odds.

You cannot write off someone just because she was not in the best of her forms at Rio. I am not even citing her knee injury as a reason for her loss. She has been playing for the country since 2004, show some respect.. Even Sachin has been duck out many a times and may be Kohli played better than him but did that mean you have found Kohli as a replacement for him. No Right !!! Then why a comparison here? Coz its an individual game ?

Just grow up people. Not all days are alike neither are people and their form the same always.  Why don’t we understand the fact that Sportsmen are humans and not your punching bags.. they already shoulder a huge responsibility of representing our country & meeting the expectations of billions…Can we just support them for once without judging them, believing in every move they make, Trust their intentions ? Can we do that?

Support them wholeheartedly and look at the magic that they create. Don’t treat them like criminals and slam them if  you see them enjoying or see them post a selfie on social media, they have right to live too.

Is it not an honor for India to have two best badminton players in the world. Is there any point in pitting them against each other? They are the gems of our country

Give them a break yaar .. they play for the country, let us support them for the country that’s the least we can do for the country. Wishing Saina a Speedy Recovery and PV Sindhu best of luck for the finals.  Jai Hind !!!

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