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IPL Rewind 2: Top 5 death bowlers in IPL

We all are missing out on some much needed cricketing action! Staying away from cricket in
summer, which is the season of cricket, has truly been hard. Not just for us, but also for all the
cricketing fans out there reading this. So we thought, when we cannot really do something about
the live cricketing action, why not relive the old memories of the world’s largest t20 league-the
Indian Premier League.

In the previous edition of IPL rewind, we discussed the all time XI of the Indian premier league
and since we are looking back at few iconic moments and players over the course of the
seasons of the IPL, we thought why not look back at those who are always under the pump in
the slog overs and if they miss their mark by a bit they will be penalised heavily for it. Oh yes
you guessed it right-the death bowlers. We will be looking back at the top 5 death bowlers in the IPL.

5. Zaheer Khan

The veteran indian pacer surprised everyone when he continued to play the IPL until the 2017 edition, due to his age given the fact that he is a fast bowler. Nevertheless, even when everyone was writing him off, he delivered. In the death, he had so many weapons in his armoury. He was a pioneer of the knuckle ball and with his cutters, he only deceived batsmen. He also showed signs of generating reverse swing from the around the wicket angle.

4. Dwayne Bravo

The champion of the IPL would walk into this elite list hands down. He has singlehandedly led the death bowling force for CSK for a decade now and manages to deliver more often than not. His action makes it difficult for batsmen to anticipate the pace at which the bowl is coming. This decreases reaction time of
the batsmen leading to Bravo’s death success.

3. Bhuvneshwar Kumar

One of the most successful bowlers in the IPL history, is usually known with his early swinging abilities, is an underrated death bowler. He bowls yorkers with supremacy and also comes with tons of variations. He has won SRH many games from a really difficult situation and is definitely one the most intimidating death bowlers in world cricket.

2. Jasprit Bumrah

He has the least IPL experience on this list, but this does not stop this speedster to consistently bamboozle his opponents with his variations. His gorgeous action makes it difficult to see the ball off the hand and with various lengths and paces, he is undoubtedly the best death bowler in modern cricket.

1. Lasith Malinga

By far the best bowler in IPL history and also the best death bowler when we look into the IPL overall. The rate at which he delivers yorkers is amazing. He can nail blockholes all day without any breaks and the batsman would still struggle to get underneath the ball. He also has a slower ball which is really hard to read off the hand due to the side arm action. Till 2017, he needs no explanation of his death bowling. However, in 2018, he went unsold and was MI’s bowling mentor. But, in 2019 he returned as a player and delivered a fourth title with a sizzling and clinical final over in the finals of the season.

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