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Kedarnath Official Trailer – Sushant Singh Rajput | Sara Ali Khan

Most awaited Official trailer of Kedarnath is here and it looks quite promising.

Both Sushant & Sara Ali khan are looking fabulous together. The VFX scenes are quite good & seem very real. As we all know the movie is based on the natural calamity which happened in 2013 Kedarnath. The trailer had also shown a bit of communal angles as Sushant plays a Muslim Boy & Sara a Hindu girl. The chemistry between Sara and Sushant is sizzling, considering this is her first movie.

Overall we feel this to be a very strong and impactful trailer.

Please find below the link of the trailer:

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Do let us know in the comments section about the trailer and whether you liked it or not. Based on the trailer do you think its going to be a Blockbuster. Also Follow, like and share us on Facebook, Twitter & Youtube Channels: Pakaugiri TV & Pakaugiri Films

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