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Did you know about this Whatsapp Feature?

Whatsapp has now become a second family for everyone having a smartphone as this app is widely used for group chats.  There are lot of features that Whatsapp has but most of the features remains unknown to us.

Like some days before we came to know how to format the text in Bold, Italic, Underline & Strike-through in whatsapp. Similarly, now we have come to know that the latest Whatsapp update consists of tagging function in a group, yes you can tag people in group now. If you have a group on whatsapp then you can tag anyone in the group by using ‘@’. Once you use the symbol @ the list of group members pop up & there you can select one name. Wow, looks like most of the Facebook features will be introduced on whatsapp one by one.

See it for yourself:


Isn’t this cool ? Let us know what you feel about this in the comments below.

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