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India is a country where movie is a religion and stars are worshipped as Gods. Movies are a lifeline for most of us.  It happens most of times to us that after watching a movie we have bundle of questions running on our mind and we always love discussing our movies . So, Pakauaguri is now introducing a  movie discussion forum where you can discuss about any movie in any language . Meet like-minded people and have endless disucssions.

Ab kya bindas aane ka jitney chahe utne sawal puchne ka and chill marne ka. Bole toh Jhakaas!!!

All you to do is select a category and start your own discussion thread if you want to or join an existing discussion. So, get started Folks. Happy Discussing!!!

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Where do the Avengers get the mind stone back from?

analyser.011@gmail.com, the Avengers get the mind stone from the scepter they took from Loki back in 2012.

Varun Gupta thank you, I have a lot of questions, can you please help me man?

Sure, go ahead.

Why does Thor become fat? I mean like why dos he give up and only drink beer all day?

analyser.011@gmail.com, he had suffered a lot of tragedy in Thor:Ragnarok and Avengers:Infinity War including the deaths of Odin, Loki and Heimdall and on top of that he thinks that he failed because he did not 'go for the head.' This trauma got him and h gave up, he wanted to know who he was, find himself and that is why he does not do anything at the start.