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You wont get a Girl if you are like this, Myths vs Realities!!!

While starting this topic i had a question in mind why is it that we boys are always craving for the attention of girls, Why are we always pataofying the girls. Why do we say that if we do this ladki pat jaegi…

Its basically that we have stereotyped girls in our minds. If we start seriously thinking about it there is nothing known as an ideal way to get anyone. Its love & it can definitely happen to anyone & anywhere irrespective of their size, figure, bank balance, costly cars or anything.

For those who say girls don’t like nice boys they only fall for the bad ones…Your Mom had been loving your dad for long time does that mean your Dad is a Bad guy???

We feel there had been a lot of myths out there which are believed to be the “So Called” ideal way to get a girl, we are gonna see some of those with the BUSTERS…

Myth 1: Cut down your weight or you a girl will never look at You…

Buster : Do you think girls are so dumb even in today’s world that they would give importance to shit like FAt SLIM. Stop Bloody body shaming. If there is a man who is fat that is his bloody personal problem.

Dont believe me….Ok, lets see an example:

Image Source - http://3g510xibmk93clkq62udwejt.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/
Image Source – http://3g510xibmk93clkq62udwejt.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/

Myth 2: You can’t fall for a girl who is taller than you…Log kya kahenge???

Buster: These category people who are the so called society are the reason for some of these myths. Now if a guy is tall & girl is short that’s a perfect match but if a Girl is tall and boy is short then ‘Log kya kahenge’….Ridiculous.

Show this to them:

Image Source - http://pilchesky.com/
Image Source – http://pilchesky.com/

Myth 3: If you are rich then any girl in this world will be yours…

Buster: A Girl who is looking for love is not always looking for a rich brat, the same way we justify ourselves that all guys are not the same. Money is a factor for leading a comfortable life but not the only factor.right wrong

Myth 4:  You should be more qualified than your girl

Buster: If a guy is more qualified and the girl is not its doesn’t make any difference but if the girl is more educated (Especially compared to boy) everything suddenly changes, Why??? I believe its a good thing if she is more educated whats so bad about it. Does it hurt your Ego that she knows more. In that case my friend you must give up what ever you have studied till date because its  of no use.

Image Source - http://media.salon.com/
Image Source – http://media.salon.com/

Myth 5: The girl you marry should not be elder than you

Buster: Whats there in the age, There happen marriages in India where the guy is 10 yrs older than the girl. Let the scenario be reversed and watch our society rant on the age difference, ladki to tere se badi hai tujhe daba ke rakhegi…..Bullshit……. You wanna see how cute someone can look even when their wives are older then them.

Image Source - http://www.outlookindia.com/
Image Source – http://www.outlookindia.com/
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