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Oka Manasu Movie Review and Ratings

Movie : Oka Manasu

Director : Rama Raju

Music Director : Sunil Kashyap

Starring : Niharika Konidela, Naga Shourya

Production Company : Madhura Entertainment, Tv9 

Oka Manasu Movie Review

Oka Manasu Movie Review by telugu360.com

Made with good intentions Oka Manasu may earn some critical acclaim for the producers, TV9 and Madhura Sreedhar, as well as for the director Ramaraju. It’s possible it could start with not so favorable talk, but with good promotions it could attract the family audience to a certain extent. Slow non substantial first half and a slightly engaging second half, make the Box Office prospects for Oka Manasu bleak.  Read Full Review Here

Ratings : 2.25/5

Oka Manasu Movie Review by telugumirchi.com

This movie is a pure love story that concentrates on feelings and the extent to which lovers can go to when in love. A great attempt by the director. As a final word the movie is all about Love, love and indefinite love!                                     Read Full Review Here

Ratings : 3/5

Oka Manasu Movie Review by 123telugu.com

Oka Mansu is a simple love story with some stellar performances from the lead pair. Niharika makes a striking debut and is surely here to stay. But the slow pace of the film, lack of proper drama and excessive length can get to you at times. One needs to instantly connect to such stories or else you can get lost easily. All those who want to see the fresh pairing can surely give this film a shot for their striking chemistry. But for the others, go in well prepared for the slow pace and lack of any basic entertainment. Read Full Review Here….

Ratings : 2.75/3

Oka Manasu Movie Review By apherald.com

‘Oka Manasu’ is Too shallow and Sugar-coated ! Read Full Review Here

Ratings : 2.25/5


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