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Paper & Pad Cricket during recess – the best time of childhood

“Jaldi Jaldi khao bhai Paper pad cricket khelna hai, nahi to recess khatm ho jaega”…. Woh bhi kuch din the yaaron

These were the lines that we would often get to hear during our lunch and recess breaks. Paper & Pad cricket the most famous and loved games of thaPlaying cricket with a ball made of paper and a bat that is nothing but your examination pad was one of the most edged memories of kids in 90’s. Hat’s off to the person who had come up with such an innovative jugaadu thought. The recess time used to be for 30 minutes and we would make sure that we complete our lunch in 10 Minutes and start the game.

The classroom was your open playground until the class resumes post the recess/lunch hours. Picking up fights with the other students for making a mess out of the classroom was quite normal and was also considered an achievement.. we have many such feathers on our cap.

No virtual game can ever replace these innocent and funfilled moments of our childhood

Those were beautiful memories associated with paper pad cricket in our childhood. This Video from the Channel of Padhako refreshes our memories of the same…

We also used to play many other games like book cricket, panja, etc. If you also have any such kind of memory or any such game which we might not have heard of the please share it with us in the comments section. Also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Youtube

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