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Top 11 Puri Jagannath Dialogues

Puri Jagannath is one of the Star Directors in Telugu Film Industry. He had started his career in 2000 with movie Badri as his Debut project. Almost all his movies have powerful, mass but strong Punch Dialogues.

Here we have Picked up Top 11 Punch Dialogues from the movies of Puri Jagannath…

“Maar Muntha, Chod Chintha”, Ismart Shankar (2019)

 ” Yevadu Kodithe Dhimma Thirigi Mind Blank Avuddho Aade Panugadu….”, Pokiri (2006)

Puri Jagannath Punch Dialogues

“Nuv Nandha Aithe Nakenti… Nenu Badri.. BadriNadh..,”, Badri (2000)

Puri Jagannath Punch Dialogues

“Yeppudocham Annadi Kadhannaya, Bullet Digindha Ledha…”, Pokiri (2006)

Puri Jagannath Punch Dialogues

“Naperu Daya.., Naku Lenidhe Adhi…”, Temper (2015)

Puri Jagannath Punch Dialogues

” Matallev… Matladukotallev…”, Iddaramayilatho (2014)

Puri Jagannath Punch Dialogues

” Ee Adavi Nadhe,  Veta Nadhe….Chirutha…”, Chirutha (2007)

Puri Jagannath Punch Dialogues

“Roundup Chesi Confuse Cheyoddhu, Confusion lo Yekkuva Kottestha…”, Businessman (2013)

Puri Jagannath Punch Dialogues

” Naa Peru Sivamani. Nakkochem Mental…”, Sivamani (2003)

Tollywood Top 10 Dialogues

“Dandayathra, Idhi Daya Gadi Dandayathra…”, Temper (2015)

Puri Jagannath Punch Dilogues

“Commissioner kuthullaki Mogullu rara…”, Idiot (2002)

Tollywood Top 10 Dialogues

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