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Saluting Single mothers, this Fathers Day Alongwith all the Fathers

Fathers Day, the only day when we want to jump out of whatever we are doing and reach our dad, hug him & thank god for having him as dad. We want to do it daily but this feeling multiplies 10 times on Fathers day. Getting out of the routine, Remembering favorite moments with Dad is always something someone can die for.

But what about children with Single Mothers, Their moms play both father & mothers role for their Children. There are a lot of women in the society who despite of their personal life problems, have fought everything out & just stayed there for their Children. It becomes very difficult for the child when they have to face the world all alone without the warrior dad’s. These Supermom’s make life easy for their children by becoming that warrior. They sacrifice everything for the child. The child becomes her only reason to live. Touch her children and she will drag you to hell.  She can turn into a Demon if any one dares harm her children.

Warrior Mom

Maybe you couldn’t relate to what we are saying, have a look at the video by Raymond’s below:

This video had hit the right emotional cords. The video is becoming viral with a hashtag .

We would like to wish all the Father’s & the single Mothers a very Happy Fathers Day.

Do let us know in the comments section what you are planning to do this fathers day for your Father or Mother, Share your story to us at editor@pakaugiri.com & we would feature it on the website this Fathers Day.

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