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Sarbjit movie – 5 Reasons Why you should not miss it

Sarbjit Movie is creating a sensation with its trailer & star cast, but with high levels of inflation and prices soaring up , we all need a reason to watch a movie despite of Aishwarya Rai & Randeep we still need a strong reason to watch so that every penny we spent is justified. Pakaugiri has figured out few reasons why you should not miss Sarbjit.

Reason 1:

Sarbjit movie is based on a true incident, a case of misidentification by the Pakistani government which costed him his life… It has the struggle of a sister who wants the world to relive the 23 years of pain she and his family had gone through. The movie is based upon the facts given by Sarbjit’s sister Dalbir Kaur.

Sarbjit movie


Reason 2:

Aishwarya rai  has always been a Diva for us.. watch her out in this intense movie in a totally de-glamorous role.  The director seems to have given her all the shades of life to enact , Well, we are pretty sure that she will  pull it off with ease.

Reason 2


Reason 3 :

Omong Kumar, the director who took us through the journey of Mary Kom and succeeded in inspiring all of us then. Sarbjit is also a biopic and we are pretty sure that kumar will  takes through the struggle and pain of sarbjit and his family through this movie. We are ready for this emotional ride.

Reason 3


Reason 4 :

Randeep Hooda is known for choosing off beat movies and has always been praised for his acting. Watching him essay the role of Sarbjeet Singh himself is worth a dekho.

 Reason 4


Reason 5 :

Bhai behan ka majboot jodi… The movie is all about Dalbir Kaur and her brother Sarbjit Singh, the strong bond and unbreakable bond between the brother sister duo is not be missed.

Reason 5


Sarabjit releases on 20th May 2016 in India, in any case if you missed the trailer click here



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