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Should the Lockdown End on 14th April 2020???

Its a hard time for everyone and we all have been trying our best to fight it by staying indoors. As we all know our 21 days tenure is going to complete on 14th April 2020. All of us have been waiting for the day when we can just step out and lead a normal life, but do you think it would be advised to step out even after that?

Current Statistics: According to https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ site total number of cases recorded in India are 4778 which include 136 Deaths & 382 Recoveries. We have 4260 active cases as of today.

When the Lockdown was imposed after the announcement on 24th March 2020 the number of recorded cases were in 3 digits. Despite of the Lockdown the cases increased almost 10 times they were, so don’t you think it is advisable that the Lockdown period be extended for our own good.

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