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Top 10 ODI Captains of All Time

Top 10 ODI Captains – In the ODI scenario we have come across many captains from various countries that have been the driving force behind their team’s win. However, only few were consistent enough to make that mark and be in the top ten list of successful ODI Captains.

Based upon the statistics , here are the top 10 ODI captains in the history of International Cricket.

Top 10 ODI Captains of All Time

1. Ricky Ponting (Punter) from Australia has contributed towards 165 wins.

There are ample records that Ponting is holding , on the pretext of ODI captainship, he has the best win percentage at 76.14 with 165 wins from 230 matches. 230 matches captained by an individual itself is a record. In his career he has played 370 ODI’s as a skipper. He retired in 2012. Kudos to this man !!! That’s why he occupied 1st position in Top 10 ODI Captains List.

Top 10 ODI Captains

2. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Captain Cool) from India has contributed towards 107 wins

The only captain who is fit and sound and is still leading the ODI side of the country. 107 wins from 194 games and still counting .. wow !!!

His coolness quotient, strategic bent of mind, amazing presence of mind and ofcourse his tremendous fan following keeps him going. That’s why he occupied 2nd position in Top 10 ODI Captains List.

Top 10 ODI Captains

3. Alan Border from Australia contributed towards 107 wins

In his profession as captain of the group Alan played 178 matches and won in 107 of those.

Top 10 ODI Captains

4. Hansie Cronje from South Africa contributed towards 99 wins

He played 138 matches as the skipper of which they won 99, lost 35 and Cronje kept up the second most astounding win rate at 73.70%.

Top 10 ODI Captains

5. Stephen Flaming from New Zealand contributed towards 98 wins

Stephen Fleming had all the qualities within him to lead a team and was one of the best captain’s that New Zealand has ever witnessed. He got 98 triumphs to his group in 218 ODI’s that he led.

Top 10 ODI Captains

6. Graeme Smith from South Africa contributed towards 92 wins

South Africa reined as ODI and test champions under Smith as he won them 92 matches from the aggregate of 150 matches he played as the skipper.

Top 10 ODI Captains

7. Mohammad Azharuddin from India contributed towards 90 wins

Indian team was on a high with Azhar as a skipper. Azharuddin stood out as the  best skippers that India . He drove the team in 174 matches among which they rose triumphant in 90.

Top 10 ODI Captains

8. Arjuna Ranatunga from Srilanka contributed towards 89 wins

89 wins from 193 games is what Arjuna did for Srilanka. He was the most successful captain of Srilanka.

Top 10 ODI Captains

9. Saurav Ganguly from India contributed towards 76 wins

76 wins from 147 matches that Saurav had led. His aggression and approach towards the team was the most sought after quality in him.

Top 10 ODI Captains

10. Imran Khan from Pakistan contributed towards 75 wins

Imran Khan has led the Pakistan ODI side in 139 matches out of which they stood victorious in 75 wins.

Top 10 ODI Captains

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