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Top 5 Catches In The History Of The IPL

We all watch the Indian Premier League, the enthralling action does produce some nail biting finishes but what many might ignore after the result comes out is the build up to the result, we are talking about catches! We have seen so many of them taking our breaths away. There is a huge list of such catches; selecting the top five amongst these was a tedious task. You may contradict in your response, here is our list of the top five catches in IPL history:

Suresh Raina vs KKR in 2017

This catch was phenomenal, one of the rare stunning slip catches. The ball looks like it is racing away but Raina, out of nowhere, jumps in to the air and latches on to the ball and takes a one handed acrobatic stunner!

AB de Villiers vs SRH in 2018

It is not quite often when we talk about things about athleticism and the superman is missing right? Number 4 on this list is none other than AB de Villiers! When the bullet out of Alex Hales’ bat was released, the ball seemed to have raced away for a maximum, but the superman pulled the ball inside the ropes and held onto it after the ball crossed the boundary but was in the air. After that he maintained his balance and did not touch the ropes.

Chris Lynn vs RCB in 2014

This catch took almost the whole cricket world by surprise. RCB required 6 off 3 when ABD launched one, and it seemed as if the ball was travelling into outer space, Chris Lynn, who first slipped did fantastically well to regain his position and leaned backwards to cling onto the ball and used his hand to balance himself.

Kieron Pollard vs RR in 2014

An IPL catch list without Pollard is always incomplete. Many of you might be wondering, ‘what is number 1 if this breathtaking catch is at number 2?’ There is an even better one coming, so do not be surprised. The big man takes a one handed stunner…almost, until he loses balance and almost gives away a six, only to find himself to recover by throwing the ball back in and jumping and taking it in the end! It took some effort to take that catch!!!

Gurkeerat Singh vs PWI in 2013

Not many would have expected this catch to make it to number 1 right? It is the forgotten catch of the IPL, despite being extraordinary, not many recall this catch. After covering plenty of ground, Gurkeerat latches onto the ball in the air to take another one handed beauty.

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