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Top 5 Meanings of “I Don’t Know” when used by a Girl

When your girlfriend says “I don’t know” .. what does that mean? Does that just means plain I don’t know ? Well, I Don’t know ( Ha ha)

After a through research we have come to the conclusion that this phrase has multiple meanings depending upon the situation you are into.

Our analysis about  the phrase “I Don’t Know” is here and what it means in different circumstances is below:

I don’t Know = Modesty

If she says I don’t know when she has been complimented, then buoy that’s an acknowledgement, also check if she is blushing. That’s her way of saying “Thank You “. She is being modest you know.

I don’t Know = Cut the crap

If she is frustrated with your stupid and illogical talks ( as per her), she would not mind ending the conversation with an “I Don’t Know”

I Don’t Know = Get out!!

Is she is angry and says I don’t know, it is better you pack your bags and just get the hell out of her sight.

I don’t know = Its not worth it

Is she feels you are not worth her time and she would say “I don’t know” even if she knows. Smart Girl !!! 

I don’t Know = I Don’t Know

Sometimes she just means what she says, period. Your job is to figure out “sometimes” 

There might be more meanings to “I don’t Know” that we might have skipped, kindly educate us in the comments below.

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