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Was 2 years Ban on Maria Sharapova Justified – Full Story

2 years Ban on Maria Sharapova by the International Tennis Federation for using a prohibited drug. Was it Justified???

There is something interesting to Notice here. She was banned for using a Prohibited drug not for any other kind of Doping. She was on a Drug name Meldonium since 2006 which is a Heart disease Drug, which was advised to her by a doctor for her Health issues. The drug had been banned on 1st Jan 2016 but She had already been on the same drug for almost 10 Yrs. She failed the test for an Australian Open in January 2016 and was Banned in March 2016.

Maria Sharapova said, she “cannot accept” the “unfairly harsh” ban – and will appeal.

Sharapova will challenge the suspension, which is backdated to 26 January 2016, at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas).

She said the tribunal concluded her offence was “unintentional” and that she had not tried to use a “performance-enhancing substance”.

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