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What is Covid 19 Work From Home like for most of us?

Work from home is not new to many of us and we have been opting for it on a need basis when we have to attend to some pressing needs. With the outbreak of novel corona virus, the work from home of employees has suddenly spiked as companies across the globe were forced to opt for it due to the lockdown and as a measure to contain the virus. So, as every one is working from home, we decided to call it “Corona WFM”.

Pakaugiri checked with few working professionals in the vicinity to understand on how does this Corona WFM feel like.

The answers were mind blowing & funny:  

No need to wake up early

No kich kich about “what to wear” and worry if the clothes are ironed or not

No Traffic ka jhanjhat

Can take a quick nap during lunch breaks

I can change my working desk whenever I want

Can listen to music throughout

Short Youtube/TikTok/Whatsapp breaks

Regular & fresh Maa ke haat ka Khana

Wait, not everyone is happy.. We also came across this set who are longing to get back to office.

My electricity bill has gone up

The internet network at my place sucks

I cannot work without a work ambiance

No scheduled time for calls ( As early as 7 AM or late in the night) as we are “working from home” and are in a “Lockdown”

I miss office ki coffee yaar

Every day is just the same. Don’t remember Public Holidays & Weekends too and start working on those days too.

Whether we are happy or not, all of us are surely missing our colleagues & the fun at office. We have come this long to fight Covid 19 by opting WFH and maintaining Social Distancing and let’s continue doing so to get back to our normal routine.

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