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When MSD & Rohit Lost their Cool in IPL 2019

Sport doesn’t generally bring out the anger amongst sportsmen, but sometimes the pressure of the match gets to the players and this leads to some not needed aggression on the field. You can expect such things from hot headed minds. Here’s what Dhoni and Rohit did:


In an intense finish CSK required 8 to win off 3, Ben Stokes bowled a full toss which was actually a no ball, the umpire called it at first but the square umpire over ruled the decision. This made MSD livid as he walked onto the pitch arguing with the umpires but the decision did not change.


After KKR posted a mammoth total of 232, MI did not get a good enough start to cope up with the required rate, post this, Rohit Sharma got out LBW in the most unluckiest way-umpire’s call. This made one of the calmer guys in Rohit to lose his cool and strike his bat at the stumps!

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